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  I’m looking forward to your participation.

  Recently,an activity themed “Foreigners Tell Chinese Stories” will be held in our school.Any foreign student who is enthusiastic about China can take part in it.I think you are suitable for the activity,for you used to live here and learned so much about the country.You can write about your understanding of Chinese culture as well as your personal experiences in China.You are expected to write a 500-word article in English.I’d appreciate it if you could mail your article to before June 1st,2017.

  It has been half a year since you left China.How’s everything going?

  Dear David,



  65.dates dressed 67.changing 68.It 69.silently 70.decision

  61.official 62.which 64.with


  51~55 DCABD 56~60 BDCAB

  41~45 ABADC 46~50 DCCAB


  36~40 DCGBF


  31~35 CADBC

  21~25 ABDBA 26~30 BCDDA



  Li Hua


  Dear David,






  假定你是李华,你的美国朋友David作为交换生曾在你家居住。近期你校要举办以“Foreigners Tell Chinese Stories”为主题的英语征文活动。请写一封邮件邀请他参加。要点如下:

  第二节 书面表达(满分25分)

  I still remember the first day I come to this new school.Everything was new to me,what made me realize I was no longer a small child.I had to depend on me.Luckily,I made several good friend.Their interests were similar with mine.I had great English teacher,Maggie.She let me know the important of English.So I decided to learn English hardly.Although it was very difficult at first,but with the help of my teacher,I made rapidly progress.Just as the old saying goes,想知道com“Where there is a will,there is a way.”







  第一节 短文改错(共10小题;每小题1分,满分10分)

  第四部分 写作(共两节,满分35分)

  With time 67.   (change),middle class boys began to wear trousers but they were considered suburban(土气的) by the upper.Hanson explains,“68.   is a very English thing to dress a young boy in shorts.”The British upper are always keen to hold on to tradition,and this also 69. (silent) marks them out from “the rest”.However,as for William and Kate,the 70. (decide) to dress George in shorts is more likely down to tradition than a class issue.

  According to William Hanson,63.    expert in ceremony,there2138’s a very good reason for this—and it has nothing to do 64.  fashion,but rather a royal tradition that 65. (date) back to the sixteenth century.A new born baby would 66.   (dress) in a gown for their first year or two.Then he was “breeched(穿裤礼)” and wore articles of clothing like shorts.The usual custom is that a boy graduates to trousers around eight years old.

  Whenever Prince George steps out for an engagement,like on the royal tour of Canada,or poses for 61. (office) photographs,he only ever wears shorts,62.    has long confused royal watchers.



  60.A.fortunate B.generous C.hopeless D.sad

  59.A.obviously B.heavily C.impossibly D.gradually B.waste D.drinks

  57.A.station C.shelter D.sight

  56.A.advice B.direction C.example D.trend

  55.A.answers B.dreams C.decisions D.words

  54.A.persuaded B.fooled C.forced D.changed disbelief time surprise horror

  52.A.counter B.cafeteria C.train D.road

  51.A.pointed B.referred C.listened D.turned

  50.A.refusing B.nodding C.complaining D.praising

  49.A.choose C.enjoy D.send

  48.A.Noticing B.Enjoying C.Ignoring D.Showing

  47.A.satisfied B.worried C.puzzled D.relaxed

  46.A.thirsty B.hurt C.wrong D.hungry

  45.A.inside B.upstairs C.outside D.downward

  44.A.wake B.understand C.believe D.react

  43.A.annoyed B.excited C.disappointed D.frightened

  42.A.looking B.begging C.caring D.waiting

  41.A.came around B.took turns C.turned out D.looked up

  As I returned to my coach,the cashier英语’s  55  made me doubt whether the girl had really fooled me.So I went down the train,following the  56  the little girl had taken.Finally,I walked to a relatively-deserted coach.Here I saw a  57  which left me deep in thought.This little girl was sitting in a circle with two other poor young boys.She had put all the  58  in the center and wa你看http://2138.coms putting some into the hand of a boy who was  59  blind.The little girl taught me that one can be  60  even in poverty.

  Finally,we collected so much food.When I  51  to the cashier to pay the bill,the little girl started hurrying down the  52 .The cashier shook his head  53  and said the girl must have  54  me into believing her misery.

  When I took her to the coach with the cafeteria,the people standing there had a(n)  47  expression on their faces. 48  their reaction,I asked her to  49  whatever she wanted.As I pointed to each item,she kept  50 .

  Weeks ago,I was travelling by train.The train stopped at a station.The delivery man from the cafeteria  41  to deliver the pre-booked hot meals and drinks.Just behind him rushed in a 9-year-old girl,who put out her hand, 42  for some food.The food supplier was  43  and pushed her out of the coach.Something in me made me  44 .I stepped  45  and saw the girl still standing there and crying.I asked her if she was  46  and she nodded.So I decided to buy her food.


  第一节 完形填空(共20小题;每小题1.5分,满分30分)

  第三部分 英语知识运用(共两节,满分45分)

  G.Studies show athletes run,bike and swim farther and faster when listening to music.

  F.Runners who focus their eyes on an object in the distance get there faster.

  E.There is evidence that saying motivational things to oneself benefits a lot.

  D.“Hitting the wall” typically happens around 20 miles into a marathon.

  C.Finding ways to move past those kinds of experiences is very vital.

  B.Visualize achieving your goal.

  A.Plan what to do.

  With these helpful strategies,your next personal record might be just around the corner.

  4.Try “attention narrowing”. 40  Last year,an NYU study found that focusing on an object on the horizon makes the distance feel shorter,and leads runners to go faster and perform better than those who let their minds wander.

  3. 39  A study on weight-lifters found that mental practices can be as effective as physical practice,resulting in actual muscle increases.Visualizing your if-then plan,for instance,could improve your chance of success.

  2.Try the partner system.A running partner can keep you motivated and on-track,and might even improve your performance,research shows.

  1.Make a motivational song list.Distracting(事实上http分心) yourself with some great tunes can help you make it to the finish line faster. 38

  Distance runners often worry about “hitting the wall” during training or races,when negative thoughts become so overpowering that they make it difficult to continue. 36  At that time,the body’s glycogen(糖原) supplies become exhausted.As a result,many runners feel exhausted and discouraged,slow their pace,have trouble focusing and want to quit or walk. 37  Here are a few sports psychologist-approved techniques to try,which could have major benefits for an athlete’s performance and well-being.



  D.A fantastic shopping experience—Groupon

  C.The effects of Groupon on small businesses

  B.The development of a Groupon company

  A.A new business trend—Groupon dealing

  35.What could be the best title for the text?

  C.Groupon dealers. D.Small businesses.

  A.New faces. B.Loyal customers.

  34.What does the underlined word 听听com“they” in Paragraph 4 refer to?

  D.Groupon may not bring customers back

  C.the purpose of Groupon is to promote business

  B.people like using Groupon in the same business

  A.small business owners needn’t worry about deals

  33.CFHS Junior Angelita Pope’s statement suggests that    .

  D.It brings small business owners more profit.

  C.It can improve the quality of the product.

  B.It helps add up the numbers.

  A.It can offer a large discount.

  32.What is good about Groupon?

  Now I by no means say Groupons have bad effects on all businesses;however the storm of Groupon is actually a disaster for a small business.

  For some small businesses,the pressure lies with the responses of their loyal customers,who watch as new faces get the same product or service for half the price that they have been paying for years.When you break it down,Groupon indicates that the business offering the deal is not only willing to be flexible with their price,but also that their product or service isnhttp’t worth the price they’re charging for.When combining these factors,it’s no wonder loyal customers are put off by the idea of their favorite shop offering Groupons.

  When you break it down to numbers,a Groupon deal seems disastrous,but it’s not only the numbers small business owners have to worry about.The point of Groupon deals is to attract new and hopefully long term customers.Yet,does this actually happen?The majority of consumers buying the Groupon are there for the bargain and don’t return after using their Groupon.CFHS Junior Angelita Pope stated,“I love the deals offered by Groupon!They can really save you so much money.”However,she went on to say that she hadn’t returned once to any of the businesses after using her Groupon.

  The math of Groupon seems simple at a glance,but upon further inspection the numbers don’t add up when it comes to smaller businesses.A Groupon typically offers a 50% discount on a product or service;then the remaining profit is divided between Groupon and the small business.While Groupon has already received the profit in advance,the merchant is left waiting for their cut.Those worrying numbers are assuming the price cut is 50/50,which,in some cases,is being generous.

  Half off usually unaffordable products?Only $49.99 for that $100.00 dinner?That对比一下com’s the magic of Groupon,but for some small business owners the “great business” offered by Groupon can be equal to the kiss of death.How could that occur?

  D.Germs like bacteria and viruses do harm to our health.

  C.Exposure to germs can improve our immune system.

  B.There are no germs in clean environment.

  A.Without germs,people won2138’t get sick.

  31.What do we know about germs from the passage?

  D.Hand-washed dishes are as clean as those washed by machine.

  C.Our immune system can only fight bacteria and viruses.

  B.Children in clean environment must have allergies.

  A.Our health depends much on our immune system.

  30.What can we learn from Paragraph 4?

  D.It might reduce the chance of developing allergies.

  C.It costs less time than washing by machine.

  B.It is easier than washing by machine.

  A.It can improve our immune system.

  29.What is the benefit of washing dishes by hand?

  This study shows that while using the dishwasher might be easier,the old-fashioned method of cleaning up could be better for your health.

  Being exposed to germs,especially early in life,is good training for the immune system,says the lead author of the study,Dr.Bill Hesselmar of Queen Silvia Hospital in Sweden.你知道“You stimulate the immune system in various ways and it becomes tolerant.”

  Earlier research has shown that dishes washed by machine are cleaner than those washed by hand.So why would kids who eat off of slightly dirtier plates be better off when it comes to preventing allergies?One explanation is based on a theory known as the “hygiene hypothesis”,which says the reason kids develop allergies is that their surroundings are actually too clean.Your immune system keeps you healthy by fighting germs(细菌)like bacteria and viruses.But when you have allergies,it overreacts and tries to fight ordinary things like pollen(花粉)or certain foods.

  Researchers in Sweden surveyed the parents of 1,029 children aged 7 and 8.They discovered that children whose families hand-washed the dishes instead of using a machine were less likely to have allergies.

  Nobody likes doing the dishes,but it turns out that doing this task might pay off in an unexpected way.According to a new study published in the Journal of Pediatrics,washing dishes by hand instead of using a dishwasher might prevent the development of allergies(http://2138.com过敏).

  A new study suggests that washing dishes by hand is healthier than using a dishwasher.

  D.Learning should be combined with interest.

  C.Out-of-school activities are very important.

  B.Students should be realistic about study.

  A.Most school activities are not enjoyable.

  28.What do Westervelt’s words in the last paragraph mean?

  D.Choose and buy one for their teacher.

  C.Write an introduction to the houses.

  B.Live in the houses for a while.

  A.Rent the houses for their vacation.

  27.What are the students supposed to do with the houses they find?

  A.change B.absorb C.force D.persuade

  26.Which of the following can replace the underlined word 对于2017高考英语仿真卷(三)“incorporate” in Paragraph 2?

  D.She was taught that in high school.

  C.She learned it from a house agent.

  B.She was inspired by her students.

  A.She got it from a TV program.

  25.How did Westervelt come up with the idea of the activity?

  Westervelt says,“I think any time that you can find a way to link into something that they are interested in outside of school,it makes it more realistic for them and it makes that activity much more enjoyable for them.”

  The groups usually make a broch高考ure describing the houses they find.Each group presents their findings to the class,while the other students take notes.The entire activity is done in Spanish,so students get to practice their writing,listening and conversation skills.They also get some cultural education when researching homes in Spanish-speaking countries.Westervelt says that students planning to take the class look forward to her project.

  The students look for a house for Westervelt to buy to live in,or rent for vacation.She tells them what she is looking for in a home and gives them a budget.Students work in groups of three,and each student is responsible for finding one house in a Spanish-speaking country that fits the requirements.

  Similar to the show,students work in groups,pretending to be real house agents,and look for three houses in Spanish-speaking countries.She uses the activity to teach vocabulary related to the home,chores,travel and vacation.She created the exercise because she wanted to incorporate her students’ interests into the curriculum.At the time,a group of her students were big fans of the show.

  Jessica Westervelt,a Spanish teacher at Bethlehem High School in New York,created an activity called “House Hunters”,which was inspired by the popular television show 仿真“House Hunters International”,for her Spanish class about four years ago.

  D.@ natgeo:The Most Popular Instagram Photos.

  C.Misty Copeland.

  B.Taylor Swift:This is Our Song.

  A.The Lyrics:1961—2012.

  24.Which book would a pop star’s fan probably buy?

  A.$39.95. B.$19.95. C.$59.9. D.$99.9.

  23.How much would a photographer normally spend on his favourite books listed?

  C.One’s anniversary. D.Literature Awards.

  A.New Year’s Day. B.Christmas Day.

  22.For what event are the books most probably recommended?

  C.Gregg Delman. D.National Geographic.

  A.Bob Dylan. B.Tyler Conroy.

  21.Which author is noted for literature achievements?

  What’s to love:Here’s proof that NatGeo’s talented photographers have conquered social media while maintaining the usual quality of their work.And for fans of more traditional coffee-table-size books,check out National Geographic对于2017高考英语仿真卷(三)’s Wild,Beautiful Places:Picture-Perfect Journeys Around the Globe($40).

  What it’s about:National Geographic’s popular Instagram account (nearly 63 million followers) comes to book form in this title filled with eye-popping images from around the world.

  National Geographic,$19.95

  By National Geographic

  4.@natgeo:The Most Popular Instagram Photos

  What’s to love:Since becoming the first African-American woman to be named a principal dancer with the American Ballet Theatre,Copeland has become a cultural phenomenon,and Delman’s arresting pictures capture(捕获) her muscular power and elegance.

  What it’s about:Star-figure female ballet dancer Misty Copeland strikes a pose (95,to be exact) in photos taken between 2011 and 2014,in the casual setting of dance studios.


  By Gregg Delman

  3.Misty Copeland

  What’s to love:Mom and/or Dad,the fan of Taylor Swift,will think you’re pretty cool if he or she discovers this temple to Taylor under the Christmas tree (even if it is a book).

  What it’s about:An elegant fanzine celebrating all things about Taylor Swift,especially the pop star’s countless fans.

  Simon & Schuster,$28

  By Tyler Conroy

  2.Taylor Swift:This Is Our Song

  What’s to love:The times may be changing,but Dylan’s fans are a constant—traditional devotees who will want this epic collection for their shelves,to sit beside those beloved old Large-Papers.

  What it’s about:This heavy,well-timed publication contains lyrics by the songwriter who just won the Nobel Prize in Literature,from his first album,Bob Dylan,through Tempest.

  Simon & Schuster,$60

  By Bob Dylan

  1.The Lyrics:1961对于—2012

  Goodreads recommends the following books you want to read for the event to come.



  第二部分 阅读理解(共两节,满分40分)

  第一部分 听力(略)